Thanks for reading my blog. In detailing my experience of event management, I aim to help people host better events. Throughout this, I will be offering tips and suggestions.


Each post will focus on different elements of hosting an event, what to expect and how to make it more successful. After all, gaining better results is the goal. Ensuring people have a great time and the fundamental objective is achieved.


Events are held to congratulate a team, celebrate a personal milestone or garner growth in one form or another. Let me help you get what you want out of your next event.


During my career, I have helped thousands of clients, make their event as memorable and worthwhile as possible. My experience has been predominately co-ordinating mid-tier functions and events. I have often worked at either end of the spectrum also.


Originally from Melbourne, I moved to Sydney to work in finance prior to starting Bondi Social on Bondi Beach in 2004.  Since opening Bondi Social, I have opened, run, sold multiple restaurants and catering businesses. Currently I own Honkas Bar + Eats (Potts Point) and Pizza Autentico (Surry Hills).


Whilst most of my career has been in hospitality, I still draw heavily on my finance background. It has helped me understand the practical side of event management.


From an early age, I have entertained, not in a comical or artistic sense, but in a sense of bringing people together. I think I gained this from my parents, who would regularly entertain throughout my childhood.


Please feel free to comment, ask questions, I will endeavour to help where I can. I will keep these blogs as short and to the point as I can, but like us all when talking about a passion, sometimes we tend to ramble…